Something To Remember

As we head towards November 11th, consider taking a moment to remember those who gave their lives in order for Canadians to have the freedoms we enjoy today.  To commemorate this important event, here are some handmade items that remind me of happiness, peace, and beauty.


1) Crimson Silk Bella Dress by Faire Jour

2) Golden Poppy Pod Earrings by Foxine

3) Ceramic Poppy Plates by Clay Shapes

4) Tickled Pink Poppy Photograph by Sandy Wiggins Images

5) Silk Poppies Headpiece by Konigin

Break A Leg

I’ve been so busy lately, getting my students ready for our upcoming year end dance recital.  This is how I prepare the kids for the big show!

1) Practice with a partner.  Support your classmates on and off stage.  “Let’s Dance” poster by Michelle Carlslund


2) Pull your hair back.  You don’t want hair in your eyes when you dance.  “A Perfect Mess” illustration print by Emma Leonard.


3) Be make up ready.  Theatre lighting can wash you out.  Wood make up organizer by Less & More.


4) Remember to bring your costume.  Enough said.  Paris Window Photo by Anna Kiper Photography.


5) Stretch before you perform.  You don’t want to pull a muscle.  Dancer Photograph by Prima Dancer Prints.


6) Smile!  Unless you’re doing a serious lyrical dance, always smile!  Smile Pillow by Honey Pie Design


7) I just threw this one in because I think it’s sweet.  Tap Shoe Vintage Copper Tap Necklace by Contrary.


Handmade in Vancouver

Since I’m all about supporting local businesses, I thought I’d give some Vancouver Etsy artists some blog love today.  Which item do you covet the most?


1)  Porcelain Tea Light Holder Set by Golem Designs

2)  Triangle Vinyl Wall Stickers by Urban Walls

3)  Organic Buffalo Baby Bib by Down Home Amy

4)  Rustic Hand Built Mug by Just Work

5)  Grey Leather Wallet with Gold Strap by Annoukis

6)  Brock White Cotton Cord Clock by Landon Dix

7)  Fine Art Photo by Walter Helena Photography

8)  Moss Aquamarine & Rose Gold Earrings by Divine By Deidre