And The Cat Came Back The Very Next Day…

the cat came back

Here are some cute feline friends that are just purrrrrrrrfect!

1) Boyfriend Sweater with cat elbow patches by Minxshop

2) Black Cat Tank by Leah Goren

3) Grumpy Cat Card by Afternoon Coffee

4) Eco Tabby Cat Lunch Bag by A Little Lark

5) Kawaii Cat Plush by Little Happy Stitches

6) Cat Pouch by Harriet Gray

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My latest cat design experiment… what do you think?


©2013 Curious Nook by Christina Wilson

Be Mine

I’m always thinking of different ways to present products.  Since online shoppers can’t touch products physically, they must rely on photographs and descriptions.  Here are a few Valentine’s examples of well presented items I found on Etsy.

ImageAlong with how this porcelain heart is packaged, I like how Harriet Damave added a photo of the making process.  It really does make the customer appreciate the handmade quality of this item.

Petit BlueI like the simple packaging that matches the branding for Petit Blue’s shop well.  I also appreciate the picture of these brass heart earrings held in the hand as it gives customers an idea of scale.

Wishing Well ArtI adore the handmade sugar cubes from Wishing Well Art.  With such a unique and edible item like this, it was a very smart idea for this shop to add photographs on how this sweet treat will be packaged and shipped.

Yastik Izi

How adorable are these gloves by Yatik Izi?  I love simple packaging so it doesn’t take away from the actual product.  A simple tag, some twine, and a brown kraft bag.  Perfect!

love letters entry2

Here’s another design coming soon to my Spoonflower shop.  This was inspired by Spoonflower’s weekly design challenge for the “love letters” theme.  What do you think?

Let’s Ride

Here are some bike worthy items that are inspiring me to use my bike more often!


  1. Wood Bike Basket by Macpherson Crate Co.
  2. Elevate Bike Rack by Elevate Wordworks
  3. Bike Note Card Set by Twin 2 Kim
  4. Orange Bike Planter by Wearable Planter
  5. Hand Embroidery Wall Art by Merriweather Council

Here is my latest fabric design inspired by vintage bikes soon to be available in my Spoonflower shop!


Birds of a Feather

Here’s a flock that will get your feathers all ruffled up!


1. Golden Feather Napkin Holder

2. Watercolour Feathers by Amber Alexander

3. Peacock Feather Photograph by Zoe With Love

4. Pastel Arrows by Fletcher & Fox

5. Leather Feather Earrings by Love At First Blush

Here’s my latest feather design soon to be available as a custom fabric in my Spoonflower shop

Won’t You Guide My Sleigh Tonight?

Here are a few antlers that I wouldn’t mind receiving as a gift this Christmas!

Superordinate Antler Sconce by Roll & HillRH_AntlerSconce-white__93355_stdDeer Antler iPhone 4 Case by Raceytayil_570xN.402115575_7icvBaby Deer by Sharon Montrose

Baby Deer_ Baby Animal Photography Prints

Fake Deer Head by White Faux Taxidermy


“Sparkle” mini print by Stacey Winters


Here’s my latest antler design for my Spoonflower shop as a wall decal.

antler2Here’s a shot of the pattern as a wallpaper.

Screen shot 2012-12-24 at 1.57.05 PM

Point & Shoot

So you can probably tell that I love vintage “things”.  I think there’s a sense of nostalgia when I look at things like polaroid cameras or old SLR’s.  Although I work digitally now, I do miss the physical nature of old photographic technology.  These designs can be found in my Spoonflower shop, but I may use them to make a totebag to two.  Hope you like them!



 ©2012 Curious Nook by Christina Wilson

Hunter & Gatherer

I turned my shop logo into a fabric pattern that was inspired by my love of all the antlers you see in interior design these days.  I’m thinking of changing the grey one into a shower curtain for my guest bathroom.  I like that it’s kind of masculine.



©2012 Curious Nook by Christina Wilson

You’re Just My Type

I love vintage typewriters.  I love the shapes and colours they come in and I even like the sound they make when I press the keys.  You can imagine how happy I was when I scored a cool “noiseless” Underwood typewriter in Portland for on $35 for my wedding.  It became the inspiration for one of my very first fabric designs.  There are more colour options in my Spoonflower shop.  What do you think?

typewriter1603531_typewriters_edtypewriterspinkmint©2012 Curious Nook by Christina Wilson