Handmade in Vancouver

Since I’m all about supporting local businesses, I thought I’d give some Vancouver Etsy artists some blog love today.  Which item do you covet the most?


1)  Porcelain Tea Light Holder Set by Golem Designs

2)  Triangle Vinyl Wall Stickers by Urban Walls

3)  Organic Buffalo Baby Bib by Down Home Amy

4)  Rustic Hand Built Mug by Just Work

5)  Grey Leather Wallet with Gold Strap by Annoukis

6)  Brock White Cotton Cord Clock by Landon Dix

7)  Fine Art Photo by Walter Helena Photography

8)  Moss Aquamarine & Rose Gold Earrings by Divine By Deidre


8 thoughts on “Handmade in Vancouver

  1. mmm… I love Etsy! what a nice selection! I love the earrings but I don’t wear earrings myself. I have that thing when suddenly I feel like wearing jewelry and for days I use everything I have, then I forget all about them…I’d go for the baby bib and the rustic ceramic mug.

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