Nuts for Neon

It’s seems like neon colours have been popping up everywhere in fashion to home decor.  I love how they add an unexpected pop to an outfit or brighten up a room.  Here are just a few handmade neon favourites.  Which one is your favourite?


1) Dipped Wooden Spoons by Storiebrooke

2) Neon Cane Chair by Neon Vintage Design

3) Neon Coiled Bowl by Prairie Threads

4) Coral Cat Chiffon Top by ZIB Textile

5) Linen Cocktail Napkins by Smith Handmade

6) Friendship Cuff by Distinguished Designs

7) Neon Leather Envelope Purse by Knitting You

8) That’s Like, So Provocative Pencils by The Carbon Crusader

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14 thoughts on “Nuts for Neon

  1. The spoons would make me a happy cook, and I love the envelope purse– in fact, I love this style of purse in any color! I’ve never seen clutches like these before recently, and I really love the nostalgia of them.

    • Thanks for stopping by Allison! I know what you mean… too much neon is not a good thing and I do have some bad memories of eighties neon fashion that was less than cool. I don’t know how long this trend will be here, but it’s fun for now!

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