Brand Packaging at Aritzia


I went to one of my favourite places to shop, Aritzia, recently and noticed some simple tags that really add to the overall look of each designer brand.  I really love the look of the Wilfred brand tags because they look like simple manila tags, but the card stock is heavier and the name is embossed.  I also like the fancy cord attached to the tag. A very clean look with an elevated style.  Talula‘s dripped tag fits the feel of this brand that has a younger target audience.  T. Babaton‘s tag is like a little present.  You open up a folded tag and find a sample of yarn and an extra button.  I really love the heavy vellum that has the care instructions.  I think I’ll document more of these fine details in brand packaging as it will help me develop my own ideas for packaging handmade products.  Tell me what you think.



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